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Fuel theft?

Never again!

ProTANKtion®... The security guard in your tank


Fuel theft, which transport company has not yet been confronted with? Expensive fuel, irrevocable damage, paperwork and valuable time is lost...

How to install


This manual explains how to install the ProTANKtion in just seven steps. For assembly you will need:



For trucks we offer different products. You will find them in our product list on the site...

The advantages:
  • Every theft attempt remains an attempt

  • Simply fill with 150 liters per minute

  • Very simple, leak-proof installation

  • Also protects the sensor

  • Very economically priced!

"Our fleet is fitted with the ProTANKtion® Fuel Protector and with ProTANKtion® Sensor -Protect as a protection against criminality."

Wim Koops, 

Wolter Koops Int. Transport & Logistics - NL

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