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Fuel theft

Which transport company has not yet been confronted with it... Expensive fuel, irrevocable damage, paperwork and valuable time are lost. Of course, there are systems on the market that are made to protect the contents of the fuel tanks in your fleet. But how many transport companies have already discovered (experimentally) that they can be easily cracked?


ProTANKtion® does away with the past 

With the filling mouth and float protection, theft of expensive fuel is a thing of the past. The secret lies in the ProRANKtion® filling mouth, which you install very quickly and easily (and also leak-proof) in the tank. The indestructible bullet-shaped arrow makes suction of fuel impossible, even with a full tank.


The float protection makes ProTANKtion® a perfect whole and also functions as protection for the float.



  • Assembly is very simple and also leak-proof.

  • You can refuel with the ProTANKtion® in your tank with the "normal" filling speed of 150 liters per minute.


Are there any more surprises?

Yes: the PRICE! A positive surprise. Because the price of the ProTANKtion® is particularly low considering the suffering you will be spared. On the page "your order" you can read the current price, but also the price when purchasing multiple copies. If you order today, you will avoid problems tomorrow!

"Great! Refueling is just as easy and I am very happy with that, drivers can no longer be suspected. I no longer have to feel uncomfortable with my boss, because now no one can reach the fuel! That drives a lot more pleasantly !"

Gus Blommaert, Rijnberg Transport Service - NL

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