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Fuel Theft

Which transport company has not yet been confronted with this? Loss of expensive fuel, material damage, administration costs and loss of precious time are the direct results. Of course, there are various systems on the market to protect the contents of tanks, but now many Fleet Managers have discovered that these systems are not 100% foolproof?


roTANKtion® is the ultimate solution to fuel theft crime

With the leak-proof filler neck and Sensor-Protect, theft of expensive fuel is a thing of the past. It is the ProTANKtion® filler neck, which is very quickly and easily installed in the tank, that holds the secret: an indestructible cone-shaped arrow that makes fuel-siphoning impossible, even when the tank is fully filled.


The Sensor-Protect perfects the ProTANKtion® system and also prevents damage to the sensor.



  • Easy to install and leak-proof

  • With ProTANKtion® it's still possible to fill-up at the usual 150 litres per minute


More good news?

Yes certainly: the price! If you compare the price of ProTANKtion® to the cost and inconvenience of fuel theft, you'll agree that the price of ProTANKtion® is minimal. Visit our website for our current prices; and also the prices for ordering large quantities. Order now to prevent problems tomorrow!

"Super! Refuelling is just as easy and, I am very happy to say, our drivers are no longer suspect. Also I no longer feel so uncomfortable with my boss, because now nobody has access to the fuel. It makes work a lot more relaxed."

Gus Blommaert, Rijnberg Transportservice - NL

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