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ProTANKtion® for trucks

ProTANKtion® standard 80mm

This ProTANKtion® fits within the original Scania filler neck and in the adaptor, and the total height does not exceed the original fitment. Delivered complete with cap.


ProTANKtion® adapter voor bajonetsluiting 105mm

ProTANKtion® adaptor for 105mm bayonet fitting

This adaptor is required for installing the standard ProTANKtion® in all bayonet filler necks including: Volvo, DAF, MAN etc.

ProTANKtion® gasket 2.5mm

Gasket for ProTANKtion® adaptor for DAF, Volvo, Renault and Iveco original tanks.

ProTANKtion® gasket 3.0mm

Gasket for ProTANKtion® adaptor for MAN & Mercedes Benz.


ProTANKtion® internal 80mm

This ProTANKtion® fits in the existing filler neck with internal ring. There are two types available:


ProTANKtion® float protector, galvanised 2 mm

For optimal protection of your float, attachment under the tie-down straps.


ProTANKtion® float protector, galvanised wide

For optimal protection of your float, attachment under the tie-down straps.


Extra charge for locking cap instead of standard cap.

Only in combination with the standard ProTANKtion®


Cap with lock

Cap can be reordered for replacement. Cap can be obtained for € 8.25 if the Protanktion is also ordered. The cap without lock is then not included.


Standard cap (without lock)

Cap is supplied as standard with Protanktion. Can be reordered for replacement.

"The ProTANKtion Fuel Protector, certainly in combination with the ProTANKtion Sensor-Protect, is the solution for preventing fuel theft. Installation is a piece of cake."

Roger Reiniers, Director Emons Group Holding B.V. - NL

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